Hooters and Hot Legs

Posted: June 15, 2010 by rip1967 in Illustration Studio
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Hooters n Hot Legs

Steve’s Pick

Steve recently told me that this is one of his favorite pictures of my face. Actually,what he said was, it is one of the best shots of my face. So here I am posting this 4th picture from the Hooter’s photo shoot. Personally, I think he likes this one because of the lock of hair falling into the shirt and between my hooters.

  1. illstudio says:

    The whites of your eyes make your eyes POP. Yes the hair is great too… It just all comes together here.

  2. lookitsbray says:

    Being a leg man this in my opinion is the best pic here.

  3. lookitsbray says:

    A quick look at the flickr however makes me change my mind…lol

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